Did you know that Carevide offers telehealth services?

What is telehealth?
  • Telehealth is a mode of delivering health care services to our patients at their convenience. This mode of service allows in-office providers to consult and treat patients through the use of a computer or smartphone, while the patient can remain in their own home.
What equipment do I need to utilize telehealth?
  • Telehealth requires the patient to have either a laptop/computer with a camera, microphone, and speakers OR a smartphone with either Safari or Chrome. 
What appointments/services can be handled by a telehealth appointment?
  • All visits, except women’s health visits, will be offered via telehealth. If at any time during the visit your provider determines there is a need to see you in person, the visit will be converted to an office visit. (Note: if your telehealth visit is converted to an office visit, you will only be charged for one visit, not both.)
  • Well-child visits will be done via a combination of telehealth and an office visits. All information that can be gathered via telehealth will be gathered before arrival at the center. Vitals and immunizations will be completed at the office, in a designated, clean, “well” room at the center set aside for that purpose only.

What if I already have an appointment scheduled?

  • If you already have an appointment scheduled, please call your Carevide center to see if your in-person appointment can be converted to a virtual appointment.
Will I still get to see my usual provider?
  • In most cases, your telehealth appointment will be with your normal provider. If your provider is unavailable, center staff will discuss alternative options for your care.
How do I schedule an appointment?
  • Telehealth appointments are scheduled the same as normal office visits. Call your center to schedule. See our locations page to obtain the number of the center closest to you.
What is the cost of a telehealth appointment?
  • Telehealth appointments cost the same as an office visit. Your out-of-pocket cost will still be determined either by your insurance coverage or your financial information for Carevide’s sliding fee program.
Do I have to do telehealth, or can I see my provider in person?
  • Telehealth visits are convenient for our patients because they eliminate time spent traveling and waiting in the waiting room. They also help reduce the spread of germs and infections. However, if you wish to see your provider in the office you may decline telehealth and keep your appointment as usual.
Does the telehealth system keep my information secure?
  • Yes, the telehealth platform is secure and HIPAA-compliant.