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Commerce ISD

Serving Commerce ISD students and siblings since 2019


Carevide School-Based (Commerce ISD) is conveniently located in the Family and Community Engagement Center behind Commerce Middle School. 

Greenville ISD

Serving students of Greenville ISD and their siblings


With its convenient location inside Carevide Pediatrics, Carevide School-Based (Greenville ISD) provides students with access to medical, dental, and behavioral health services in one location!

We are a dedicated healthcare team committed to the health and well-being of  students. By providing convenient access to quality healthcare, Carevide School-Based services help ensure that students don’t miss valuable classroom time while allowing hard-working parents to remain at work to provide for their families.

Our Providers

Meredith Longino, CPNP
Meredith Longino, CPNP
Chelsea Lyday, CPNP
Chelsea Lyday, CPNP
Wendy Steger, DDS
Wendy Steger, DDS

Dr. Wendy Steger is the Chief Dental Officer at Carevide with a passion for children’s dental care. She received her Doctor of Dental Surgery at Texas A&M University College of Dentistry in 2017.  Dr. Steger’s interest in pediatric dentistry began early in her life when she assisted in a pediatric dental practice in high school where she fell in love with children.

Dr. Steger believes The Family Health Connection with GISD gives Carevide an opportunity to better serve the children in our community. With new state of the art dental equipment and an integrated approach to care, dental care has become easier to access than ever for Carevide’s patients.  Since the integration of pediatric services and dental services at Carevide Pediatrics, Dr. Steger has had the opportunity to visit with patients and families during their regular well-child exams to provide education on dental health and even conduct basic dental checks before they leave their medical appointment. Dr. Steger is very excited about this partnership to serve GISD students and families!

Carevide School-Based (Commerce ISD)

606 Culver St, Unit 1
Commerce, TX 75428

Monday, Thursday
7:30 am – 4:30 pm

Carevide School-Based (Greenville ISD)