New name reflects company’s commitment to providing care under a unified name

(GREENVILLE, TEXAS—February 16, 2018)

Community Health Service Agency, Inc., a local non-profit whose specialty is in medical, dental, pediatrics and women’s health in Northeast Texas announces its corporate name change to Carevide, effective immediately.

This name change is part of a larger rebranding of all of its locations in Collin, Delta, Fannin, Hunt and Kaufman counties, to keep in pace with the ever-changing healthcare environment, and to keep up with competition.

“Healthcare has been going through a tremendous transformation in the last few years and there’s a lot more transformation to come, it’s ever changing, and one of the things we wanted to do was obtain a new name that we feel could take us into the future,” said Michelle Carter, spokesperson and CEO of Carevide. Carter adds that their previous name, Community Health Service Agency, Inc. has done a great job for the last 40 years, but they “really wanted a fresh new name that represents the vision and the promise that we have for the future.”

The new name is a combination of two words, Care and Provide to form the new name, Carevide. The adoption of the Carevide name also unites Carevide’s medical, dental, pediatrics and women’s health under one name across their five county service area. They’re hopeful that it will also improve support for the needs of their patients through one unified brand, allowing patients to better understand how large Carevide is, what it has to offer, and what resources and services are available to them as a whole.

“A name change will help us show our patients that we’re a large regional organization and that we can help our patients in a variety of different ways,” said Carter.

While the adoption of the Carevide name is effective immediately; the necessary changes to the organization’s buildings, materials and online presence will transition over the next six to eight months.

“It will be a process to notify patients of our name change,” said Carter, “but in the end it will be worth it. A new name for us also means a new vision for us, and that is to be not only a healthcare provider in our communities that we serve, but to also be many more things for patients that walks through our doors. That can evolve into a lot of new opportunities that we might have in the future to expand, or to provide new services that we’re not providing right now.”

Carevide’s list of current locations to transition to the new name include five medial sites: Bonham Community Health Center, Cooper Community Health Center, Farmersville Family Medical Center, Greenville Community Health Center, and Kaufman Community Health Center; and three specialty sites: CHSA Dental Clinic, Pediatric Center of Greenville and Women’s Center of Greenville.

Carevide accepts private insurance, Medicaid, CHIP, Medicare and uninsured and underinsured patients alike.

“No matter your situation, we’re here to help improve your health and your life,” stated Carter. “What Carevide is about, is helping people and there’s not a day goes by that we can’t walk away feeling like that we’ve done something good.”

The organization reaches more than 26,000 patients across Northeast Texas and they plan on reaching more as they transition from Community Health Service Agency, Inc. to their new name, Carevide.

Carevide will unify all their locations under one name.

About Carevide:

Carevide is a local non-profit health center with over 40 years of experience in providing health care services. Our health centers are a complete medical home for you and your family with continuity of care, Class D pharmacies, health education, social services, eligibility services, and translation services available. We accept Private Insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, CHIP, and uninsured patients on sliding fee discount based on family size and income.

Our medical, pediatric, women’s and dental services are provided by licensed Physicians, Obstetrician, Certified-Nurse Midwives, Pediatricians,Physician Assistants, Family Nurse Practitioners, Dentist, Dental Hygienist, Registered Nurses, Licensed Vocational Nurses and Medical Assistants.

 “improving the health and lives of those we serve with a commitment to patient-centered excellence in all that we do.”