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General Description of Duties and Responsibilities:

The LVN works as part of the clinic care team and assists the clinical team in the provision of primary health care. He or she will act as a member of the Care Team and work collaboratively with clinical and non-clinical staff to assist in the promotion of the health and well-being of a panel of patients. The LVN provides direct patient care services and performs specifically designated independent procedures.

Patient Relationships:

  • Prepare patients for examination including the identification of the chief complaint, vital signs, height, weight, etc. The LVN obtains a medical, social and family history and documents in the electronic medical record.
  • Keeps ill patients comfortable until seen by a provider.

Employee Relations/Team Support:

  • Assists providers in health care activities performance of diagnostic and/or therapeutic procedures and the administration of medications as necessary.
  • The LVN acts as a member of the Care Team and works collaboratively with clinical and non-clinical staff and is responsible for providing the health and well-being for a panel of patients.
  • Actively participates in clinic staff meetings and other committees when designated.

Clinical Duties:

  • Conducts patient screenings for preventative and specific disease processes.
  • Collects specimen (blood, urine, sputum, feces) and prepares them for transfer to reference lab.
  • Does simple waived in-house lab procedures.
  • Assists with history, health risk assessments, and counsels for risks.
  • Assists referral specialist , needed, with diagnostic imaging and referrals.
  • Assists in providing education to the patient and assisting patients with self-management goals when indicated.
  • Assists with notifying patients of lab results after they have been reviewed by the provider, completes follow-up as directed by the provider, and documents this information.
  • Assists in maintaining supplies and equipment and notifies clinic manager before supplies are needed.
  • Reviews charts for allergies, medication changes, education requirements, standing orders, and current phone numbers when patient is being roomed.
  • Answers messages and phone calls efficiently and properly documents this.
  • Notifies clinic manager of abnormal pap smears, STDs, and mammograms.
  • Responsible for stocking exam rooms and properly cleaning exam rooms and equipment after each patient use.
  • Gives injections, vaccines, and wound dressings when ordered by provider or by standing orders and documents these appropriately.
  • Cleans instruments, repackages, and autoclaves when necessary.
  • Audits charts after visits to insure all required paperwork has been completed, such as medication changes, updating flow sheets, and referrals.
  • Assists the Clinic Manager with clinical audits and other duties as assigned.
  • May maintain lab control logs and refrigeration logs.
  • May perform as Charge Nurse in the absence of Clinic Manager, when necessary.
  • Provides support for Class D pharmacy and maintains sample inventory.


  • All patients will be treated with dignity and compassion.
  • Employee will assist in providing care to patients without creating additional barriers for them.
  • Employee will promote a positive attitude.
  • Employee will maintain a professional atmosphere in the clinic and promote this Agency in a positive manner to the community.
  • Ensure a safe environment of care for patients and staff.
  • Employee is to be punctual and aware of excessive absenteeism.
  • Treat co-workers and patients with respect.
  • Maintain a clean and organized workplace including exam rooms, office areas, and break room.
  • Must be a team player with a commitment to patient centered care.
  • Employee is expected to adhere to the Agency dress code and report to work in a professional manner.
  • Employee assures the provider is aware of the cycle times per patient appointment and follows clinic procedures to alert the provider of this.
  • Employees should interact well with patients to assure patient satisfaction has been provided during their visit.
  • Will notify clinic manager immediately when problems or incidents occur in the clinic.

Performance Improvement:

  • Participates in the community health center’s performance improvement activities and performs duties in accordance with applicable standards.

Safety/Infection Control Activities:

  • Ensures an appropriate environment for the administration of health care by keeping exam rooms, nurses’ station, all equipment, and other work areas in a clean, safe, and orderly fashion.

Reporting Relationships:

  • The LVN reports to and is supervised by the Clinic Manager.


The evaluation of work performance will be on-going and will be carried out by the Clinic Manager, and will include the specific duties and responsibilities of this position description plus employee attitudes and general working behavior. Formal evaluation will normally be performed annually, but may be initiated at other times by the Clinic Manager.


  • Graduated from an accredited LVN school.
  • Must be licensed by Texas State Board of Nurse Examiners.
  • Must work as a care team member to promote quality care and excellence at each patient visit.
  • Sufficient experience to carry out the duties of this position.
  • Must be qualified in Basic Life Support techniques.
  • Ability to relate with warmth and effectiveness to the patients and to the providers or the community health center.

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