Lab Medical Assistant

Greenville, TX
Posted 6 years ago

Purpose of Position:

The Lab Medical Assistant works as part of the clinic care team and assists the clinical team in the provision of primary health care. They will act as a member of the Care Team and work collaboratively with clinical and non-clinical staff to provide for the health and well-being of the patients. The Medical Assistant provides direct patient services and performs specifically designated independent procedures.

Clinical Duties:

  • May conduct patient screening for hearing, sight, BP and other simple routine procedures.
  • Collects specimens (blood, urine, sputum, feces) and prepares them for transfer to reference lab.
  • Does simple waived in house lab procedures.
  • Must maintain laboratory logs and do controls according to laboratory procedures.
  • May assist with history, health risk assessments and counsels for risks.
  • Assists in providing education to the patient and documents.
  • Posts incoming lab results after it has been reviewed by the provider and completes follow-up as directed by the provider and documents this information. Assists with notification to patients of lab results after they have been reviewed by a provider, completes follow-ups as directed by the provider, and documents this information.
  • Assists in maintaining supplies and equipment and notifies clinic manager before supplies are needed.
  • Records temperatures daily in the lab.
  • May give injections, vaccines, and wound dressings, when ordered by provider and documents these appropriately.
  • Newborn screens and immunizations.


  • Graduated from an accredited high school or hold a GED.
  • Must have graduated from an approved Medical Assistant program.
  • Must work as a care team member to promote quality care and excellence at every patient visit.
  • Must be qualified in Basic Life Support techniques.
  • Ability to relate with warmth and effectiveness to the patients and to the providers of the community health center.

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