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Kaufman, TX
Posted 6 years ago
Kaufman, TX

Purpose of Position:

Responsible for greeting and assisting patients in a patient-centered manner at time of check-in and checkout. Assures all necessary forms have been scanned in medical record chart and updates patient demographics and insurance information in EPM. Responsible for scheduling patient appointments, according to required provider targets and appointment templates. Employee is responsible for performing financial screens according to Agency policy to determine patient eligibility for programs and is responsible for discussing patient balances and non-complainant issues with patients in a professional manner. Reviewing charges brought over from EHR and keying any charges not brought over electronically. Reviewing adjustments and payment for all programs at the time the patient is checking out. Run and review all end of day reports. Acts as a member of the Care Team, who works collaboratively with clinical and non-clinical staff and is responsible for providing the health and well-being of a panel of patients.

Essential Functions:


  • Responsible for greeting patients arriving for medical or work-in appointments in a patient-centered manner and assisting them with questions and concerns.
  • Responsible for asking patients for identifying information to assure that the correct account and chart are being accessed and reviewing the chart review sheet and completing areas that are marked for attention.
  • Responsible for collecting and copying patient’s valid id and any insurance card as needed and scanning the copies in patient’s chart.
  • Responsible for verifying Medicaid PCP information and directing patient if PCP change is needed.
  • Responsible for handing patients an Advance Directive packet.
  • Responsible for printing the encounter form, and reviewing the information and attaching the encounter form to the chart. If needed, marking the front of the Family Planning encounter with Encounter Specific information.
  • Responsible for collecting any co-pays or co-insurances due from patient and rescheduling patient if they are unable to pay on date of service.
  • Responsible for advising patients when they have a balance on their account or an alert in the computer system.
  • Responsible for performing lobby checks once in the morning and once in the afternoon and informing patients of extended wait times or delays in the provider’s schedule.
  • Responsible for handing patient a Lobby Assistance slip to fill out when a requesting to speak with a nurse.
  • Responsible for contacting supervisor when a potentially infectious patient presents at check in or of any potential patient conflicts or lobby disturbances.


  • Responsible for reviewing daily schedule to assure any medical records for patient from other sites, ER visits or hospital follow ups are in the chart. If not in chart, make sure they are retrieved before patient arrives for appointment.
  • Responsible for daily retrieval of new patient insurance information and verifying insurance and contacting patient to explain benefits.
  • Responsible for reviewing that all patient paperwork including demographics, consents and rights are correct, current and in the patient’s language of choice.
  • Responsible for assuring financial screening form is current and correct and Proof of Income is current or the warning letters are documented.
  • Responsible for assuring that all State and Federal Grants /Programs screening forms, applications and financials are current and complete.
  • Responsible for reviewing that a current copy of insurance card, Medicare card or current MSP letter is in chart.
  • Responsible for assuring any new patient insurance information already on file is in chart.
  • Responsible for verifying with patient, address, phone number and date of birth prior to discussing appointment information.
  • Responsible for confirming appointments 1 – 2 days prior to scheduled appointment date and reviewing the following with the patient and clearly inform of financial responsibilities.

* Co-Pays due

* Past Due Balances

* Payment Plan Arrangements

* Any information needed to complete financial process such as POI

* If paperwork is due to be filled out/updated to arrive 10 minutes early

* To bring all prescription bottles

  • Responsible for making multiple attempts to contact patient for appointment confirmation.
  • Responsible for performing financial screening in a confidential location, to determine any and all Agency programs or Medicaid/CHIP patient may be eligible to receive.
  • Responsible for clearly explaining any and all Agency programs or Medicaid/CHIP eligibility to patient and assures that patient fully understands.
  • Responsible for printing encounter and placing it on the chart.


  • Responsible for reviewing charges brought over from EHR and hand- keying charges that do not come over from EHR. Reviewing adjustments and payments for all medical and pharmacy programs from the medical encounter sheet as marked by provider while patient is physically at the billing desk.
  • Responsible for informing the patient of the total amount of charges, the total amount of the sliding fee that is applied and what their financial responsibility is.
  • Responsible for collecting patient’s remaining co-payment due at time of service. Responsible for logging monies collected into the computer system.
  • Responsible for handing the patient a receipt for monies collected.
  • Responsible for collecting, logging and giving receipt for patient’s that walk in to pay on previous balances and past due payment plans prior to the patient being seen.
  • Responsible for scheduling return appointments as noted on the encounter sheet for patients at time of check out and handing patient a detailed appointment card.
  • Responsible for telling the patient “Thank you for choosing us as your healthcare provider.”
  • Responsible for working in conjunction with the providers regarding correct encounter sheet coding and making sure all encounters are accounted for and billed for the date of service rendered.
  • Responsible for balancing the cash drawer, batch report, and encounters twice a day.
  • Responsible for running, reviewing and correcting all Daily Reports found in the Clinics Daily Report folder in the Practice Management Folder.
  • Responsible for reviewing the open encounter report on a daily basis prior to posting the daily batch.
  • Responsible for balancing the change fund twice daily.

General Qualifications and Requirements:

Knowledge and SkillsAbility to understand written and verbal instruction, neatness and efficiency, must be able to communicate well and work effectively with patients and staff.

Education:Graduation from an accredited High School or equivalent

QualificationsComputer skills are necessary and a minimum one year Medical billing experience is required.

Excellent Benefits Included!

  • Medical and Dental Insurance
  • Retirement Plan with Company Match
  • Life Insurance Policy
  • Paid Holidays
  • Paid Vacation and Sick Leave

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