Clinical Lead LVN

Greenville, TX
Posted 6 years ago

General description of duties and responsibilities:

Under the direct supervision of the Women’s Health Business Manager and indirect supervision of the Director of Nursing, the Women’s Health Clinical Lead is responsible for assisting in the planning, organizing, provision of and supervision of operational and clinical duties in the health center related to patient centered care, high patient satisfaction, patient flow, efficiencies and provider productivity. The Clinical Lead will be responsible for monitoring the day to day activities of the clinical operations and is responsible for the direct supervision, actions and needs of the medical assistants and LVNs. The Clinical Lead is responsible for assuring a patient centered home is provided to patients and they receive exemplary health care.


It is the expectation that the Clinical Lead will work diligently to meet goals and achieve success in regard to the Center with emphasis on provider productivity, patient centered satisfaction and adequate patient work flow and to efficiently meet the performance measures of benchmarks, targets time expectations and error tolerances. The Clinical Lead will be a member of the care team and will work collaboratively with clinical and non-clinical staff, and is responsible for assisting in the promotion of the health and well-being of the panel of patients.


Required qualifications of the Clinical Lead will be: willingness to learn, attentive to detail, respectful, cooperative, possess good listening and communication skills, initiative, punctual, dependable and be receptive to new ideas.

Responsibilities and Expectations:

Role with staff:

  • Responsible for the direct supervision of the LVNs and MAs.
  • Responsible for effectively managing overtime to minimize Agency cost.
  • Responsible for the daily, morning team huddle providing clear expectations and instructions to efficiently lead the day’s operations.
  • Collaborates with Business Manager and Lead Provider to identify operational problems and strives to resolve these in a professional and timely manner.

Role with Admin:

  • Works collaboratively with the Business Manager and Lead Provider to coordinate and supervise monthly Leadership and staff meetings to develop agenda items and/or training information for scheduled team meetings.
  • Provides an objective and honest evaluation of staff at 30, 60, 90 days employment and annually as required by Human Resources.
  • Responsible for making direct contact with the Business Manager when calling in due to illness or emergencies.
  • Will participate in Committees as requested by Administrative leadership, Infection Control, CPI/RM, P&T, EMR and Safety.

Role with Environment of Care/Safety:

  • Responsible for monitoring, inspecting and reporting safety hazards, facility needs and recommended improvements.
  • Works with Carevide’s Compliance Officer as necessary.
  • Responsible for monthly and quarterly site inspections and conducts all required drills and inspections as requested by Business Manager.
  • Assures new MAs and LVNs are trained on OHSA regulations, environment of care and infection control policies and conducts the safety walk through for new employees.
  • Ensures an appropriate environment for the administration of health care by assuring that exam rooms, nursing station, all equipment, and other work areas are kelp in a clean, safe, orderly fashion.

Role with Reporting:

  • Responsible for reviewing weekly operational reports regarding productivity, no show and cancellation percentages, 3rd next available appointments, patient cycle times, payer mix and patient age trends.
  • Responsible for researching, analyzing, planning, implementing and monitoring procedures and processes.

Daily/Routine Task:

  • Responsible for the consistent monitoring of patient flow between front office, providers and other clinical staff to assure efficient use of staff time and exam room capacity.
  • Responsible for monitoring patient cycle times on a daily, consistent basis and identifies potential inefficiencies requiring analysis. Discusses inefficiencies with appropriate staff and/or leadership team members to determine and implement resolutions.
  • Responsible for interacting with patients assuring patient centered care is provided.
  • Responsible for adhering and enforcing Agency policies to staff regarding appropriate dress code, professionalism, courtesy and punctuality.
  • Responsible for assuring staff are not involved in “social networking” such as texting, cell phones, twitter, Facebook, internet usage, etc. during work hours.
  • Responsible for timely approval of directly supervised staff payroll using ADP system. Responsible for determining proper daily staffing and schedules staff according to budget and needs.
  • Responsible for planning and organizing nursing staff coverage during position vacancies and staff shortages and informing Business Manager or Director of Nurses for guidance as necessary.
  • Responsible for clinical ordering of supplies/equipment according to purchasing policies, monitors utilization of supplies and oversees spending to assure budgets within limits.
  • Expected to maintain a working relationship with supervised staff and have the ability to discuss employee behaviors and performance in a professional and supportive manner and to follow Agency discipline procedures as necessary.
  • Works collaboratively with Business Manager in regards to interviewing, hiring, evaluating performance and implementing disciplinary actions to staff.
  • Responsible for participating in interviewing, hiring, evaluating performance and implementing disciplinary actions regarding MAs and LVNs along with the Business Manager and the Director of Nurses as necessary.
  • Other duties as assigned by Business Manager and/or Director of Nursing.

Clinical Tasks/Management Duties:

  • Understanding, promoting and educating clinical staff on all Carevide policies and clinical protocols.
  • Collaborates with Clinical Trainer to coordinate training for clinical staff as necessary, based on needs and established protocols.
  • Responds to all emergency situations.
  • Responds appropriately to patient calls per Carevide protocol.
  • Prepares clinical audits according to Agency protocols and guidelines.
  • Submits reports for child or elderly abuse incidents through established protocols.
  • Identifies and reports concerns regarding provider performance directly to Medical Director.
  • Works with Vaccine Coordinator to assure VFC and safety net vaccine standards are in place.
  • Provides support for Class D Pharmacy and maintains compliance based on recommendations from the Pharmacist in Charge.
  • Oversees clinical tracking logs for: laboratory, close follow-ups, STD’s, colposcopy and referrals.
  • Oversees lab at clinic site to insure all controls and regulations are met according to CLIA standards and polices for this agency and works with Laboratory Coordinator to maintain compliance.
  • Ability to perform all nursing tasks and CLIA-waived labs.
  • Identifies incidents, sentinel events and patient complaints and reports these according to the established protocols within the time defined by policy, providing supporting documentation.
  • Works with Patient Care Coordinators to ensure patient screenings, follow-ups, education and referrals are done according to Carevide policies and protocols.

Reporting Relationship:

Directly supervised by the Business Manager; Indirectly supervised by the Director of Nursing


  • Graduated from an accredited LVN or RN program.
  • Currently licensed by the Nursing Board in the State of Texas.
  • Sufficient experience to carry out the duties of this position.
  • Ability to relate with warmth to the patients and provider of the center.
  • Ability to perform with limited supervision and direction.
  • Must be certified in Basic Life Support.

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